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The Department of Defense’s Gateway to  Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Digital, and Data Analytics Innovation 

Tradewind is DoD's framework to find, fund, and develop solutions to challenges in the artificial intelligence/machine learning, digital, and data analytics space. 

Your Video Marketplace for AI/ML, Digital and Data Analytics Solutions

The Tradewind Solutions Marketplace enables Industry, Academia and other innovators to get their solutions in front of eager Government buyers.

Tradewind is housed within the DoD’s Chief Digital and AI Office (CDAO). The Office serves as the focal point for the execution of the Department’s AI strategy and is responsible for strengthening and integrating artificial intelligence/machine learning, digital, and data analytics solutions across the Department. 

Help the DoD solve real-world problems

Latest Opportunities

Committed to the Ethical Procurement and Deployment of Responsible AI

Tradewind Buyers & Participating Organizations

These organizations are using Tradewind to find AI-related companies and capabilities to solve their problems and challenges

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