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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the Tradewind Ecosystem and the Tradewind Solutions Marketplace?

The Tradewind Ecosystem is where industry, academia, and individual innovators can identify the Government’s latest Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, data, and digital analytics contracting opportunities. The ecosystem allows you to bid for that potential business.

The Tradewind Solutions Marketplace is a digital repository of video solutions. Industry, academic and individual innovators can upload videos, which highlight their specific solution for the Government’s AI/ML, data and digital analytics problem sets. Once accepted into the Marketplace, solutions are readily-awardable through multiple contracting pathways.


Does it cost anything to join the Tradewind Ecosystem?

No.  The Tradewind Ecosystem is an open platform and free for Industry.


Do I have to be familiar with the Federal Government acquisition processes to participate in Tradewind challenges and opportunities?

Having a general knowledge of Federal processes is helpful, but no you don't need to have any knowledge to propose and deliver AI solutions.


If we are selected to solve an AI challenge or opportunities how long does it take to get funding?

Typically, after an organization has been selected, funding is put on contract within 30-45 days.

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