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Closed - Advana UI/UX Solutions

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

The CDAO is looking for recommendations and solutions for operating models and approaches to quickly delivering capabilities across an existing program. They need an approach to perform user research, validate designs, create a unified design system, implement telemetry, and develop applications through iteration, launch, and post-launch of any solutions. Solutions and approaches should quickly deliver capabilities and improve the user experience for CDAO customers.

Advana is a multi-capability platform that targets a broad Department of Defense customer base, to include consumers of data and builders that develop applications and provide insight to data on the platform. The DOD is interested in improving the customer experience across its many personas and to support scaling of applications and the multiple complex offerings of Advana. Advana needs a unified design of its platform and all published applications that provide the customer with simple navigation, easy understanding of offerings, and access to capabilities.

Submissions Closed

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