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Closed: DCSA Announcement

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The Chief Digital and AI Office (CDAO) in collaboration with Defense Acquisition University (DAU), will host a series of events to identify solutions from Industry to answer a specific problem set. The desired end state is to understand the current capabilities and determine if those solutions can enhance the DoDs ability to recruit new talent for DoD acquisition positions.

Submissions Closed


Updates and Information

"By the Numbers"

11 discovery paper submissions

  • 6 Identified as small Business

  • 4 Identified as large business

  • 1 Academia

  • 4 Selected for Round 2

​Schedule (27 July - 23 August)​

  • 11 Business days to collect and receive discovery paper submissions

  • 3 Business days to conduct discovery paper evaluations

  • 1 Business day to make selections and send invitations to Round 2

  • 12 Business days to negotiate and make award

Round 2

  • 4 Vendor interviews (16 August)


  • 3 Selections for a joint award (23 August)

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