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Accelerate AI Commercialization
through Funded Opportunities

Engage in an ecosystem of Government AI needs to broadcast, position and secure funding for your ideas, inventions, pilots, and prototypes.

Simple Process, Maximum Value

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Let us know who you are.  Register your organization with Tradewind and update your profile with your products, services, and technologies.


Get Engaged

Explore Tradewind.   Join AI communities of interest, get access to our current and future AI needs,  and discover opportunities to help us solve AI challenges.


Solve Problems

Propose solutions to solve AI challenges and opportunities.   Get funded quickly through traditional and non traditional contract vehicles.


Don't take our word for it ...

“The formation of the CDAO is an important step in bringing together critical commercial technologies for the Defense Department. Tradewind was a simple, expedient, and efficient way for us to partner with the CDAO and bring our AI solutions to the DoD.”

Carlton Reeves, Ph.D

VP, Virtualitics

“As developers, it is great to work with people Tradewind and CDAO who just want to build digital solutions that solve problems”

John Ferry

CEO, Trenchant Analytics

“From initial problem statement through final selection, CDAO makes the acquisition process transparent and efficient with Tradewind. This is a new standard in how to adopt commercial-off-the-shelf AI technologies to accelerate defense & intelligence digital transformation.”

Ed Abbo

President & CTO, C3 AI

“Kudos to the TRADEWIND team for excellent support and guidance throughout the process”


Our Mission & Commitment to Academia




Educate, promote and inspire professionals to engage and support the development of academic research that drives innovation forward using the exchange of ideas between Academia, Industry, and Government 



Transform your ideas into opportunities, resulting in the ideation to creation each year of thousands of products, services, and technologies, and millions of dollars in AI development


Move and accelerate discoveries from basic research laboratories to commercial partners capable of transforming inventions, white papers, prototypes, and intellectual property  into usable products and services.

Our Value Propositions to You




Show what you have been working on, bridge the gap between creators of technology and the people who are looking for it, investors, investor groups Industry and the Federal Government.

Greater Visibility

& Awareness


Everyone is looking for the next “it” that will help or change the way we do business, solve problems, or look at data.  Join Tradewind and let the world know what your institution is working on.

Faster Access

to Funding


Tradewind is working with Academia to accelerate ideas, prototypes, and IP with funded opportunities, challenges, and collaboration.

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