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Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO)

Contract Vehicles

Test and Evaluation Services Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)


The objective of the Test and Evaluation Services Blanket Purchase Agreement (T&E BPA) is to meet the DoD’s requirements for test technology and tools for a variety of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and autonomy applications. This contract is open for ordering to all agencies of the USG in support of AI T&E.

Working in partnership with the prime contractors, CDAO manages the contracts, in coordination with Army Contracting Command – Rock Island (ACC-RI). Through the use of the T&E BPA, users have a flexible means of supporting their commercial AI T&E needs quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Orders may be placed by any contracting officer from the aforementioned agencies. There is no fee to place orders against the T&E BPA.


The T&E BPA encompasses a full range of AI T&E services under NAICS 541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services and PSC R423 – Support Professional: Intelligence. Services will be acquired by issuing individual Call Orders (COs).

  • Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) cover the following services:

  • Acquisition of commercial AI tools and services

  • Development of new AI tools and services

  • Integration of AI tools and services into environments

  • Operation and support of AI tools and services

  • Use of AI tools and services to conduct AI testing on AI models and software

Data Readiness for Artificial Intelligence Development (DRAID) BOA


The Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) , now CDAO was established in 2018 to be the focal point of the DoD Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy to accelerate scaling AI and its impact across the Department. Working closely with the Services, Combatant Commands, and other Components, CDAO helps identify appropriate use cases for AI across DoD, develops capabilities, and scales impact across our enterprise with the goal of transforming the DoD through AI.

We are committed to lowering the barriers to entry to this potential opportunity for non-traditional companies, especially those with limited or no prior experience workingwith the Federal Government or DoD. To support this, CDAO has released a set of guides on executing common steps required to work with the DoD in this capacity. Companies are encouraged to utilize these guides in responding to the DRAID Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) and Task Orders if needed.


The scope of this PWS shall encompass all tasks needed to create, acquire, curate, prepare, manage, or secure data sets for use in DoD AI models and application development, testing, certification, and operation. Examples of such tasks include but are not exclusive to Extract Transform Load (ETL) and Data Engineering Development, Database Design and Development, Data Science Development, Data Analysis, Data collection and curation, and Project and Outreach Program Management. For the execution of DoD Task Orders, these activities shall be performed while maintaining
appropriate security and ethical considerations, including Federal and DoD regulations governing cyber security, information security, operational security, ethical standards of conduct, conflicts of interest, and AI Ethical Principles.
Capabilities and services to be procured under this PWS include:

  • Project and Program Management

  • Data Science

  • Data Engineering

  • Data Architecture

  • Data Acquisition and Curation

  • Data Quality and Analysis

  • Synthetic Data Generation and Data Anonymization

  • Software Development, Modification, and Configuration

  • Enterprise Information Management and Governance

  • Cloud Integration and Alignment

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