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Accelerate time to solution by eliminating traditional barriers to success

Partner with Tradewind to engage an ecosystem of AI companies, research, capabilities, and talent that are begging to solve your problem or challenge. 

Fast, efficient, and impactful

Create Account

Create a Tradewind account and start modeling your problems, needs, and challenges.


Identify Partners

Discover and access companies that have deep and demonstrated AI knowledge and capabilities.


Solve Problems

Engage and partner with companies through traditional and non-traditional contract vehicles.


Problems we've already solved...

“The formation of the CDAO is an important step in bringing together critical commercial technologies for the Defense Department. Tradewind was a simple, expedient, and efficient way for us to partner with the CDAO and bring our AI solutions to the DoD.”

Carlton Reeves, Ph.D

VP, Virtualitics 

“As developers, it is great to work with people Tradewind and CDAO who just want to build digital solutions that solve problems”

John Ferry

CEO, Trenchant Analytics

“From initial problem statement through final selection, CDAO makes the acquisition process transparent and efficient with Tradewind. This is a new standard in how to adopt commercial-off-the-shelf AI technologies to accelerate defense & intelligence digital transformation.”

Ed Abbo

President & CTO, C3 AI

“Kudos to the TRADEWIND team for excellent support and guidance throughout the process”

Min Kim


Our Mission & Commitment to Government




Design, integrate, and test the newest technologies before deploying to operations while ensuring the products sustainability to the necessary environments.


We are providing a new way to deliver the AI solutions to its destination with unprecedented speed that is  revolutionizing the way you think about procurement.



Reduce the time and improve clarity of information, make  accurate and reliable decesions, provide operators the technology they need.


Our Value Propositions to You

Greater Visibility

& Awareness


Clearly and effectively express your needs to the right audience  and gain insights, the right partners and new connections to aid in your success.

Faster Access

to Funding


We are trailblazing new and inventive ways to get solutions on contract. Use our resources and collaborate with other agencies, to find a solution that expedites your requirements.

Access to AI Needs

 & Demand


Engage an entire eco-system of subject matter experts, academia, other government agencies, and industry, that are providing answers, thoughts,  products and knowledge while expanding technological needs. Discover new connections to aid in your journey towards success. 

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