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Closed - Strategic Forecasting & Narrative Development

The US Department of Defense (DoD) needs a way to develop strategic narratives that can be understood by a wide range of stakeholders, from senior decision-makers to those with little technical knowledge. The narratives must be compelling and understandable, and they must drive adoption of new technologies and processes across the Department. The employment of strategic narratives and vignettes in the Department is currently limited. But the technique could open minds to the potential uses of data, analytics, and AI technologies by warfighters and the new threats from our adversaries these technologies introduce.

Desired Solution Operational Capabilities

  • The ability to develop strategic forecasts that identify and anticipate opportunities, threats, and trends that may impact DoD

  • The ability to develop narratives that explain the Department's strategic vision and how advances in technology enhance warfighting

  • The ability to integrate both forecasts and narratives to create a coherent picture of the Department's strategic direction

Submissions Closed

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